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About Us

Like any good story this one begins with a man and a passion, in this case a keen interest

and expert understanding of the intricate art of whisky collecting.

Now, after twenty years of collecting his rare and unique collection of spirits in a quant store in North London, this whisky virtuoso has decided to upgrade by launching his collection online. 


'The Whisky Kingdom offers an expansive range of whiskies, including some of the oldest, rarest collectibles as well as your favourite, award-winning brands, hand-selected for you by our own whisky aficionados. From peated drams to new releases, elusive collectibles and single-barrel, we have all the blended and grain whiskies you need to burn ‘spirit’ and soul into your starry nights.'


The Whisky Kingdom pride itself on always bringing in the best and latest from many of the finest distilleries in the country, allowing their customers the selection and service they deserve.


'With our cutting-edge, modern but approachable website, you get all the nuance of flavour, aroma, and texture for the distinguished palate, with a mere click of a button. With our ten years’ experience in online retail, devoted team and renowned customer service  we can guarantee you a  5-star, online shopping experience unlike any you’ve ever endeavored.'


'Choose your bottles today and we, with our advanced network of carriers shipping to destinations across the UK and Europe worldwide, will have it expertly packaged,  and delivered to your locations. Experience the flair and finesse of a process only we can offer at'

Purchase today and taste real satisfaction.