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Discover Bowmore, the first Islay distillery

You don’t get more original than Bowmore. As the first licensed distillery on Islay, the legendary Bowmore Distillery has been showcasing true craftsmanship that encapsulates the remote Scottish island for more than two centuries. Pioneers, history makers, and true masters, the talented folk at Bowmore have cemented this label as a world-renowned distillery. Dedicated to keeping traditional processes and technology in use, this distillery is a truly unique one to explore… The history of Bowmore Scotch This legendary distillery has a long and rich heritage. Let’s start at the beginning…... Read More


The King of Tennessee: Discover the Jack Daniel Distillery

A staple part of American history, the production of whiskey dates back to the 1700s when rye was first used to create the spirit in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Rapidly becoming a promising market, a tax levy was introduced which sparked resistance and a movement known as the ‘Whiskey Rebellion’. It wasn’t until the next century that Jack Daniel’s was officially founded, but this iconic label is globally recognised as a leader in US whiskey production. Despite Kentucky-based Buffalo Trace Distillery claiming to be America’s oldest continuously running distillery, Jack... Read More


Searching for a truly unique single malt? Discover Balvenie

Dedicated to maintaining traditional whisky making processes, Balvenie is the only distillery in Scotland that still grows its own barley, uses traditional floor maltings and keeps both a coppersmith and a team of coopers on site. It doesn’t get more unique than that. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we’re big fans of this iconic Speyside distillery and its renowned collection of exceptional single malts. Let’s explore the heritage and craftsmanship behind this signature Scotch… The William Grant Way Balvenie dates back to 1892, when Speyside local William Grant built the first... Read More


Introducing Kawar: The King of Arak

A distillery owned by the same family for three generations, Kawar is most recognised for its arak. Also producing vodka, wine, and brandy, using Galilee grapes and Syrian anise, Kawar is a world leading label. The Kawar range includes multi-award-winning bottles, and the distillery has its sights set on a prosperous future with long-standing traditions meeting the innovation and creativity of the younger generation in the family. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we stock a wide range of Kawar bottles so we thought it only right that we explore the heritage... Read More


Introducing GlenDronach: One of Scotland’s founding distilleries

Nestled in the Valley of Forgue, in the East Highland Hills, is The GlenDronach Distillery. One of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland, its renowned malt masters have been creating the finest, richly-sherried single malts for almost 200 years. GlenDronach is known globally for an unwavering dedication to quality and a distinctive marriage of Highland spirit with Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks from Andalucía in Spain. With an impressive collection underpinned by almost two centuries of expertise, GlenDronach is a distillery worth knowing more about. So, let’s explore its... Read More


1800: The year premium tequila was born

There are few brands that can say they’ve been mastering their product for over two centuries, but that’s what makes 1800 Tequila special. Underpinned by more than 200 years of tequila production, it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about this iconic spirit. Despite its long legacy, 1800 Tequila is crafted and distilled from the founding recipe, with many of the original blue agave fields still being hand-harvested to this day. A true celebration of its origins, 1800 is part of the world’s most awarded tequila family.... Read More


Introducing Benromach: Best in Show Scotch

Benromach 40 Year Old Aged in hand-selected Oloroso sherry casks for four decades, maturing to a complex profile of warming ginger spice, apple and orange notes, and a fresh citrus kick… it’s no wonder the Benromach Aged 40 Years single malt was recently titled ‘Best in Show’ at a prestigious competition. This signature Scotch from a renowned Speyside distillery is the shining star of Benromach’s impressive collection. Underpinned by a significant whisky legacy and recognised for its attention to detail at every stage of the distilling process, let’s explore what... Read More


Why do they put a worm in a bottle of tequila?

It’s an age-old question… Why is there a worm at the bottom of a tequila bottle? Well, as this month welcomes National Tequila Day, we’re going to tell you. Hint, it’s not what you think. As we pour ourselves a glass of our favourite drink, we might not always know the origins and legends of our tipple of choice. For the agave spirit, the heritage is rich and dates all the way back to around 1000 B.C – and one legend that has lived on throughout the centuries is the... Read More


What are the different types of scotch whisky?

Let’s take a tour of Scotland’s famous tipple – from the varied bottles of the Highlands and the fruity notes of its subdivision Speyside to the unique distilling processes in the Lowland and Islay, and let’s not forget the signature malts produced in Campbeltown. First, we need to acknowledge Scotland’s heritage in distillery and why this beautiful country is recognised as the birthplace of whisky. Scotland is undeniably the world’s whisky leader. With over 125 distilleries across the country, it is fair to say that the Scots know a thing... Read More


Introducing Laphroaig, Islay’s signature single malt scotch

Pronounced ‘eye-luh’, Islay is a Hebridean island and a unique region of whisky production – famous for being fiery and heavily peated with distinctive maritime styles. One of the longest-standing distilleries on the island is Laphroaig. Underpinned by an impressive legacy, Laphroaig is recognised around the world as a key player in scotch production. Let’s explore this special scotch… What is Laphroaig? Laphroaig distillery is an Islay single malt scotch whisky distillery founded in 1815 by Donald and Alexander Johnston. On the far edge of the scotch whisky map, Laphroaig... Read More