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Glenrothes – An Aristocratic Distillery

A Glenrothes single malt is not something you just share with anyone. It’s the kind of distillery that boasts that its secret is only known to a select few. What makes its single malts so exclusive? It’s about maturity and flavour but in a very unique way. Glenrothes Distillery insists that maturity matters more than an age statement. What happens to the whisky in the cask is far more important than the number of years spent in it. Glenrothes’s philosophy claims that ‘an eighteen-year-old can still be immature’. For example,... Read More


Diplomatico – Probably the Best Rum in the World

Diplomatico rums have taken the world by storm. Since the creation of the distillery in 2002 in Venezuela at the foot of the Andes, its rums have broken records in winning numerous awards. Most notably, Diplomatico has become the first super premium rum brand to have won Spirit Brand of the Year at Wine Enthusiast’s Awards 2018. What is their secret? They’ve introduced some major innovations in the rum industry such as small batch discontinuous distillation which creates very rich and complex aromas. Their use of smaller barrels during maturation... Read More


Toast the Rise of Irish Whiskey this St Patrick’s Day!

Whose side are you on, Irish or Scotch? For a good number of years now, the Irish whiskey industry has tried to claim the crown from Scotch. As we’ll see by the end of this short blog, there’s a specific and good reason why this may be the time of Irish whiskey. First a little interesting history. Believe it or not, in the 19th century, some Scottish distilleries tried to pass off their Scotch as Irish whiskey. That was because Irish whiskey was considered a premium product.  People forget that... Read More

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The Best Whisky for Burns Night

Every good whisky has an incredible story to tell. We think the following question deserves serious consideration: how do you choose the best whisky for Burns Night? The answer connects royalty to a farming lad. Some say the best whisky is what pairs nicely with haggis and other traditional foods eaten on Burns Night. Some just make lists of whiskies they prefer. We think it’s best to go a little deeper and choose a whisky that Burns himself may have enjoyed and perhaps even Bonnie Prince Charles and Sir Walter... Read More


A Wild Harmony: The History of Highland Park

Standing high above Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands is a distillery steeped in a rich heritage, Highland Park. The malt masters at Highland Park have been producing signature Scotch from the same site for more than two centuries. From an illicit still in 1798 to now being one of Scotland’s biggest globally recognised Scotch distilleries, the Highland Park journey is deep rooted in tradition and topography. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we’re proud to stock a large variety of outstanding bottles from the legendary Highland Park distillery. Let’s explore the history... Read More


The history of Rudolf Jelínek: Family feuds, troubled takeovers, and a revolutionary recovery

Known globally for the production of ​​slivovitz, a brandy made from damson plums, Rudolf Jelínek is a brand underpinned by a long and rich heritage. Producing the fruit spirit from Vizovice in the Zlín Region of the Czech Republic for centuries, the Rudolf Jelínek journey has been turbulent yet inspiring. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we’re passionate about bringing you the widest selection of spirits, from tried and tested favourites to rare or up-and-coming labels – and knowing a thing or two about the brands behind the bottles makes sampling them... Read More


International Vodka Day: Celebrate all things vodka

Known as the Water of Life, vodka is one of the most signature spirits across the globe. It’s a firm favourite as a strong shot, or as the foundation of some truly classic cocktails… Think, sweet and sour Cosmopolitans, dry or fruity vodka Martinis, and rich and creamy White Russians. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we’re celebrating International Vodka Day – October 4th – by exploring the spirit’s long history and remarkable versatility… The history of vodka Originating more than a thousand years ago in Russia and Eastern Europe, an area... Read More


Fire & Ice: Vodka from the depths of the Swiss Alps

Made with pure alpine water, using a continuous distillation process for a smooth finish, and bottled in Switzerland, Fire & Ice is a truly unique vodka. Combining premium raw materials with new-generation alcohol made from biologically pure wheat and rye grains, this breakthrough distillery has created an alcohol with the lowest trace of impurities on the market. Crystal clear alpine water and naturally rich elements, such as minerals and precious metals, from deep within the Swiss Alps create this premium spirit. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we’re big fans of Fire... Read More


Discover Bowmore, the first Islay distillery

You don’t get more original than Bowmore. As the first licensed distillery on Islay, the legendary Bowmore Distillery has been showcasing true craftsmanship that encapsulates the remote Scottish island for more than two centuries. Pioneers, history makers, and true masters, the talented folk at Bowmore have cemented this label as a world-renowned distillery. Dedicated to keeping traditional processes and technology in use, this distillery is a truly unique one to explore… The history of Bowmore Scotch This legendary distillery has a long and rich heritage. Let’s start at the beginning…... Read More


The King of Tennessee: Discover the Jack Daniel Distillery

A staple part of American history, the production of whiskey dates back to the 1700s when rye was first used to create the spirit in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Rapidly becoming a promising market, a tax levy was introduced which sparked resistance and a movement known as the ‘Whiskey Rebellion’. It wasn’t until the next century that Jack Daniel’s was officially founded, but this iconic label is globally recognised as a leader in US whiskey production. Despite Kentucky-based Buffalo Trace Distillery claiming to be America’s oldest continuously running distillery, Jack... Read More