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The Vodka Wars and Chopin Vodka

It’s hilarious: unlike Coca Cola who claims to have brought about world ‘harmony’ and ‘peace throughout the land’ – according to their famous syrupy advert – vodka has caused two wars. In 1977, a trade war broke out between Poland and Russia. Poland claimed that only they could use the word ‘vodka’ because ‘vodka’ originally came from Poland. They explained that the word ‘vodka’ did not come from the word ‘water’ in Russian but from the word ‘gorzalka’ which means ‘burning’ ‘bitter’ or ‘spicy water’. The Russians reacted furiously and... Read More


What Makes Compass Box Whiskies Brilliant?

If you wish to understand the unexaggerated uniqueness of Compass Box, then you have to know O. Henry’s humorous story of ‘The Lost Blend’. It’s a story – written in 1907 – of two haunted men sitting in the back room of a New York bar, desperately trying to recreate a magic elixir – an alcoholic cocktail – that they accidentally blended on a fortune-hunting trip to Nicaragua that made them a pile of money.  “From fifty bottles they drew liquids carefully measured after Riley’s figures, and shook the whole... Read More


Where Do the Flavours of Whisky Come From? – Laphroaig and Its Iconic Flavours

Laphroaig holds a special place in the hearts of whisky admirers: they find its flavours to be iconic and absolutely unique. Its Distillery Manager, Barry MacAffer, has gone so far as to say that Laphroaig is constantly searching for iconic flavours, and that ‘with the Laphroaig 10 Year Old that pursuit almost seems as if you’ve made it. It hits all the right notes.’ In this article, we aim to examine the factors in the production of Laphroaig’s whiskies that give it its signature flavours. By the end of this... Read More


What Kind of Person Loves Hendrick’s Gin?

It is indisputable that Hendrick’s gin lovers are a particular type of people. They act, think and dress in unique and unusual ways. They stand out in a crowd in a pleasing and aesthetical way. By the end of this article, you will understand what makes Hendrick’s unique and really stand out in an oversaturated gin market, and perhaps you will also understand yourself better. Let’s start with this: Hendrick’s is like Marmite! Now you may protest that Marmite is an unsightly, thick, glutinous, mud-coloured substance while Hendrick’s is a... Read More


Silent Pool – Perhaps One of the Best Gins Ever!

With a market awash with gin, it’s easy to argue over what the perfect gin on the market is. We believe we have the perfect gin, and what’s more, it’s beautifully priced. We want to talk a little about some of the things that make Silent Pool the most outstanding gin on the market. It is a lesson in love, quality and storytelling, and there is something here which will surprise you. Let’s start with Silent Pool Distillers’ location. Silent Pool Distillers: An Extraordinary Location How often have you found... Read More


Jura Distillery: What Makes It Unique

Some may sniff, but Jura Distillery and its whiskies are truly remarkable. This short article promises to give you a complete understanding of the distillery and the philosophy underlying its whole range. By the time you get to the final sentence, you’ll understand what Jura is really all about, and why you should be paying attention to its range. Jura is a distillery that evokes strong views. The critics can be quite scathing. Their criticism lies in what they claim it could be. Consider the following: this is a distant,... Read More


The Mamie Taylor – A Forgotten Classic from the Gilded-Age

It’s time to rediscover a delicious and refreshing cocktail from the sophisticated Gilded Age. This champagne-coloured cocktail is easy to make and at its heart is blended whisky, lime juice and ginger beer and appeared decades before the Moscow Mule. Its name is both interesting and tastefully comedic. Mayme Taylor was a middling musical comedy actress on Broadway. Her real and deserved claim to fame is this excellent cocktail named after her. The story goes that in 1899, after a sailing trip to Ontario Beach, her sailing party visited a... Read More

The Glenturret The oldest distillery in Scotland 28/06/2023

Glenturret Distillery: The Awakening of a Sleeping Beauty

In our exclusive interview with Glenturret Distillery, find out: It is no exaggeration to say that under the cover of darkness, whilst the world slept during the covid pandemic, Glenturret, the oldest distillery in Scotland, carried out a revolution. Don’t believe it? You will know them by their fruits because at the 2023 International Wines and Spirits Competition (IWSC) – the largest and most prestigious spirit competition in the world – the distillery won Double Gold for their Glenturret Triple Wood 2022 Release as the world’s top single malt. This... Read More


Dead Man’s Fingers – Changing the Image of Rum

In recent years, rum has experienced a renaissance, riding the wave of growing interest in unique and diverse spirits. While gin is for now the UK’s favourite spirit, rum is making a spirited comeback. According to a report from The Whisky Exchange, rum sales surged by an astounding 165% in the third quarter of 2019, marking the first time in half a decade that rum outpaced gin in sales growth. Before talking about the award-winning and iconic Dead Man’s Fingers, it’s worth considering some of the things which have held... Read More


Tomatin Distillery: A Most Human Whisky

At first glance, Tomatin seems alienating. Nestled in the Monadhliath Mountains just south of Inverness, the snowy, seemingly barren ranges and moors seem distant, inhospitable and even inhuman. Beware! Appearances are misleading. Tomatin is a place of much warmth, beauty and human history. Most of all, Tomatin is a story of surviving with much heart. Let’s tell the story from the beginning. It starts with illicit distilling. It is surprising to know this, but the story starts with gin. Tomatin means ‘juniper hill’ the main ingredient in gin and was... Read More