Breaking Down The Different Ways To Drink Whisky

Have you always wanted to become somewhat of a whisky connoisseur, but have not been ready to push on in your education? Do you have a cabinet full of top-tier blended Scotch whisky at home, all of the finest malts, but are unsure of how to enjoy them? In instances such as these, the best thing to do is to enlist the help of experts. Thankfully, you do not need to look too far for assistance. If you take a glance at the list below, you can find some examples of fantastic ways to sample whisky, courtesy of the Whisky Kingdom team.


This is, without a doubt, the most popular method to drink whisky, and it is not difficult to see why. Fans of this method will point to the fact that the brewers will have spent significant amounts of time and money in perfecting their particular blend. Therefore, in order to make the most of it, you should simply keep it neat, separate from any foreign contaminants. By doing so, you guarantee that you will be able to savour the spirit at its most pure.

Watered Down

Whilst ‘on the rocks’, which essentially equates to putting ice in the glass, is certainly a solid method, we believe that it is better to instead add a few drops of water. This has the effect of slightly dulling down the sharpness of the drink, meaning it is ideal for those of you that are perhaps trying whisky for the first time. You will also give yourself a better opportunity of understanding the swirling flavours that come with each small sip that you take.


Should you be trying to find a way in which to make your drink last longer, you may be interested to learn that many of the younger generation have taken to adding a small amount of lemonade into their glass. As you may expect, this does inject a slither of sweetness through the core of the drink. However, there is no need to worry, as the whisky itself is powerful enough to come through this and make itself known. Though it is perhaps not the most popular method, it can certainly be an effective experiment to trial.


In times gone by, whisky drinkers around the world would have argued that this amounts to sacrilege, due to the fact that it is muddying the waters so to speak. If you were to get past this incredulity, you might actually find that there are countless recipes that still allow the whisky to breathe, and come through as the dominant flavour. Cocktail menus are constantly evolving, and it is evident that whisky is fast-becoming an ingredient of choice. 

Whisky Kingdom – Who Are We?

When it comes to firms that have a keen understanding of the various different spirits which can be found in the world today, and identify those which will best suit your particular palette, it is hard to look past Whisky Kingdom as being the ideal retailer for you. The time that we have spent in the alcohol industry means that we recognise, for instance, which single-malt whisky is excellent for after-dinner entertainment, and which will go fantastically well in a cocktail. 

To us, it does not matter if you want to stock-up on relatively cheap Famous Grouse, or you wish to push the boat out and sample some of Glenfiddich’s finest tipples. Our mission is to leave you smiling-and-satisfied. Need to find out more about what features in our catalogue? You can find all the information that you need to get in touch on our website’s contact page

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