Toast the Rise of Irish Whiskey this St Patrick’s Day!

Whose side are you on, Irish or Scotch? For a good number of years now, the Irish whiskey industry has tried to claim the crown from Scotch. As we’ll see by the end of this short blog, there’s a specific and good reason why this may be the time of Irish whiskey. First a little interesting history. Believe it or not, in the 19th century, some Scottish distilleries tried to pass off their Scotch as Irish whiskey. That was because Irish whiskey was considered a premium product.  People forget that... Read More

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The Best Whisky for Burns Night

Every good whisky has an incredible story to tell. We think the following question deserves serious consideration: how do you choose the best whisky for Burns Night? The answer connects royalty to a farming lad. Some say the best whisky is what pairs nicely with haggis and other traditional foods eaten on Burns Night. Some just make lists of whiskies they prefer. We think it’s best to go a little deeper and choose a whisky that Burns himself may have enjoyed and perhaps even Bonnie Prince Charles and Sir Walter... Read More