What Makes Compass Box Whiskies Brilliant?

If you wish to understand the unexaggerated uniqueness of Compass Box, then you have to know O. Henry’s humorous story of ‘The Lost Blend’. It’s a story – written in 1907 – of two haunted men sitting in the back room of a New York bar, desperately trying to recreate a magic elixir – an alcoholic cocktail – that they accidentally blended on a fortune-hunting trip to Nicaragua that made them a pile of money.  “From fifty bottles they drew liquids carefully measured after Riley’s figures, and shook the whole... Read More

The Glenturret The oldest distillery in Scotland 28/06/2023

Glenturret Distillery: The Awakening of a Sleeping Beauty

In our exclusive interview with Glenturret Distillery, find out: It is no exaggeration to say that under the cover of darkness, whilst the world slept during the covid pandemic, Glenturret, the oldest distillery in Scotland, carried out a revolution. Don’t believe it? You will know them by their fruits because at the 2023 International Wines and Spirits Competition (IWSC) – the largest and most prestigious spirit competition in the world – the distillery won Double Gold for their Glenturret Triple Wood 2022 Release as the world’s top single malt. This... Read More

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The Best Whisky for Burns Night

Every good whisky has an incredible story to tell. We think the following question deserves serious consideration: how do you choose the best whisky for Burns Night? The answer connects royalty to a farming lad. Some say the best whisky is what pairs nicely with haggis and other traditional foods eaten on Burns Night. Some just make lists of whiskies they prefer. We think it’s best to go a little deeper and choose a whisky that Burns himself may have enjoyed and perhaps even Bonnie Prince Charles and Sir Walter... Read More


The King of Tennessee: Discover the Jack Daniel Distillery

A staple part of American history, the production of whiskey dates back to the 1700s when rye was first used to create the spirit in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Rapidly becoming a promising market, a tax levy was introduced which sparked resistance and a movement known as the ‘Whiskey Rebellion’. It wasn’t until the next century that Jack Daniel’s was officially founded, but this iconic label is globally recognised as a leader in US whiskey production. Despite Kentucky-based Buffalo Trace Distillery claiming to be America’s oldest continuously running distillery, Jack... Read More


Which Johnnie Walker Bottles Are Most Popular?

Trying to determine what your favourite tipple of choice is is easier said than done. Single malt Scotch whisky, currently,  is a dime-a-dozen, which does not make the decision process any less difficult. Some, for instance, will argue that Glenfiddich are a premium brand, and none can surpass their aged bottles. Here at Whisky Kingdom, however, we believe that you need look no further than Johnnie Walker, and you can find a breakdown of their best options down below. A Little About The Brand Although you may not realise it,... Read More


Trending Gin Brands You Need To Know About

It is fair to say that gin is arguably one of the most popular spirits to drink and it is most definitely on-trend, so to speak. From gin tasting and distillery tours to gin flavoured ice lollies and sweets, it is undeniably one of the most ‘now’ alcoholic beverages available. There has been a huge rise in the number of people who would choose a gin-based drink over any of the other options and thankfully, there are many amazing brands to choose from.  No longer is gin considered to be... Read More