What Kind of Person Loves Hendrick’s Gin?

It is indisputable that Hendrick’s gin lovers are a particular type of people. They act, think and dress in unique and unusual ways. They stand out in a crowd in a pleasing and aesthetical way. By the end of this article, you will understand what makes Hendrick’s unique and really stand out in an oversaturated gin market, and perhaps you will also understand yourself better. Let’s start with this: Hendrick’s is like Marmite! Now you may protest that Marmite is an unsightly, thick, glutinous, mud-coloured substance while Hendrick’s is a... Read More


Silent Pool – Perhaps One of the Best Gins Ever!

With a market awash with gin, it’s easy to argue over what the perfect gin on the market is. We believe we have the perfect gin, and what’s more, it’s beautifully priced. We want to talk a little about some of the things that make Silent Pool the most outstanding gin on the market. It is a lesson in love, quality and storytelling, and there is something here which will surprise you. Let’s start with Silent Pool Distillers’ location. Silent Pool Distillers: An Extraordinary Location How often have you found... Read More


The Mamie Taylor – A Forgotten Classic from the Gilded-Age

It’s time to rediscover a delicious and refreshing cocktail from the sophisticated Gilded Age. This champagne-coloured cocktail is easy to make and at its heart is blended whisky, lime juice and ginger beer and appeared decades before the Moscow Mule. Its name is both interesting and tastefully comedic. Mayme Taylor was a middling musical comedy actress on Broadway. Her real and deserved claim to fame is this excellent cocktail named after her. The story goes that in 1899, after a sailing trip to Ontario Beach, her sailing party visited a... Read More


The history of Rudolf Jelínek: Family feuds, troubled takeovers, and a revolutionary recovery

Known globally for the production of ​​slivovitz, a brandy made from damson plums, Rudolf Jelínek is a brand underpinned by a long and rich heritage. Producing the fruit spirit from Vizovice in the Zlín Region of the Czech Republic for centuries, the Rudolf Jelínek journey has been turbulent yet inspiring. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we’re passionate about bringing you the widest selection of spirits, from tried and tested favourites to rare or up-and-coming labels – and knowing a thing or two about the brands behind the bottles makes sampling them... Read More


International Vodka Day: Celebrate all things vodka

Known as the Water of Life, vodka is one of the most signature spirits across the globe. It’s a firm favourite as a strong shot, or as the foundation of some truly classic cocktails… Think, sweet and sour Cosmopolitans, dry or fruity vodka Martinis, and rich and creamy White Russians. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we’re celebrating International Vodka Day – October 4th – by exploring the spirit’s long history and remarkable versatility… The history of vodka Originating more than a thousand years ago in Russia and Eastern Europe, an area... Read More


Fire & Ice: Vodka from the depths of the Swiss Alps

Made with pure alpine water, using a continuous distillation process for a smooth finish, and bottled in Switzerland, Fire & Ice is a truly unique vodka. Combining premium raw materials with new-generation alcohol made from biologically pure wheat and rye grains, this breakthrough distillery has created an alcohol with the lowest trace of impurities on the market. Crystal clear alpine water and naturally rich elements, such as minerals and precious metals, from deep within the Swiss Alps create this premium spirit. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we’re big fans of Fire... Read More


Introducing Kawar: The King of Arak

A distillery owned by the same family for three generations, Kawar is most recognised for its arak. Also producing vodka, wine, and brandy, using Galilee grapes and Syrian anise, Kawar is a world leading label. The Kawar range includes multi-award-winning bottles, and the distillery has its sights set on a prosperous future with long-standing traditions meeting the innovation and creativity of the younger generation in the family. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we stock a wide range of Kawar bottles so we thought it only right that we explore the heritage... Read More


1800: The year premium tequila was born

There are few brands that can say they’ve been mastering their product for over two centuries, but that’s what makes 1800 Tequila special. Underpinned by more than 200 years of tequila production, it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about this iconic spirit. Despite its long legacy, 1800 Tequila is crafted and distilled from the founding recipe, with many of the original blue agave fields still being hand-harvested to this day. A true celebration of its origins, 1800 is part of the world’s most awarded tequila family.... Read More


Why do they put a worm in a bottle of tequila?

It’s an age-old question… Why is there a worm at the bottom of a tequila bottle? Well, as this month welcomes National Tequila Day, we’re going to tell you. Hint, it’s not what you think. As we pour ourselves a glass of our favourite drink, we might not always know the origins and legends of our tipple of choice. For the agave spirit, the heritage is rich and dates all the way back to around 1000 B.C – and one legend that has lived on throughout the centuries is the... Read More


The Flavours That You Didn’t Realise Belvedere Offered

For those of you that are seasoned vodka drinkers, the chances are that you will be well-aware of Belvedere’s stature amongst the alcohol-manufacturing community. Despite having only started-up in 1996, the twenty five years since then has been a period of immense success. Time-and-again, they have proven to be able to create bottles of the highest-quality, at prices which don’t cause a massive dent in your finances. Below, Whisky Kingdom has taken the liberty of highlighting the best flavours that they offer. The Flavours That You Didn’t Realise Belvedere Offered... Read More