Diplomatico – Probably the Best Rum in the World

Diplomatico rums have taken the world by storm.

Since the creation of the distillery in 2002 in Venezuela at the foot of the Andes, its rums have broken records in winning numerous awards. Most notably, Diplomatico has become the first super premium rum brand to have won Spirit Brand of the Year at Wine Enthusiast’s Awards 2018.

What is their secret?

They’ve introduced some major innovations in the rum industry such as small batch discontinuous distillation which creates very rich and complex aromas.

Their use of smaller barrels during maturation allows for an intimate connection between wood and spirit.

They use three different types of casks for ageing: ex-bourbon, ex-single malt whisky and new American oak. They also have a selection of Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry barrels.

The micro-climate accelerates the evaporation of the rum, maturing the rum more rapidly.

What you get is an elegant and perfectly balanced sipping rum with a signature smoothness.

The spirit of tradition and innovation invested in their creations has been recognised by the industry when Tito Cordero, their Master Blender, won Best Master Blender 2011 at the UK Rum Festival.

But what we think makes their rum the best in the world is their passion. As Diplomatico likes to say, ‘When passion goes in, quality comes out.’

They have passion for their rum creations, land – their sugar cane comes from around the distillery, employees and customers.

Diplomatico is a family business, but when they speak of family, they refer to their employees and customers. Diplomatico comes from the heart and goes to the heart, allowing us to rediscover what is rum.

This passion means that Diplomatico can now be found in the best bars and restaurants in the world.

And as Jose R Ballesteros CEO of Diplomatico says, ‘Either you like Diplomatico, or you haven’t tried it yet.’

And this may be your opportunity to try probably the best rum in the world.

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