Fire & Ice: Vodka from the depths of the Swiss Alps

Made with pure alpine water, using a continuous distillation process for a smooth finish, and bottled in Switzerland, Fire & Ice is a truly unique vodka.

Combining premium raw materials with new-generation alcohol made from biologically pure wheat and rye grains, this breakthrough distillery has created an alcohol with the lowest trace of impurities on the market.

Crystal clear alpine water and naturally rich elements, such as minerals and precious metals, from deep within the Swiss Alps create this premium spirit. Here at Whisky Kingdom, we’re big fans of Fire & Ice and we stock a wide selection of the distillery’s bottles.

So, what makes this Swiss spirit so intriguing? Here’s what you need to know about Fire & Ice…

What makes Swiss vodka different?

Thought to be one of the purest water sources in the world, the Swiss Alps provides crystal clear and mineral rich water. Distilled with the liquid from fermented grains, Fire & Ice has created a truly premium vodka.

Whilst Switzerland is overshadowed by the vodka giants of Poland and Russia, the country’s market has an estimated value of £140 million as is forecasted to rise annually by 10%. As Swiss vodka grows in popularity, the current market is an opportunity to try a unique tipple that surpasses the quality of some of the bigger players.

For a spirit known as the water of life, using the world’s purest water is sure to create an exceptional tipple.

The Original

Showcasing the exceptional quality of Swiss vodka, the Fire & Ice Original is one of the purest vodkas on the market. With careful consideration going into the entire process, from the choice of ingredients to the bottling process, this unique distillery has created a spirit of the highest quality.

Only the best is selected throughout the distillation process, including organic wheat, pure alpine water, and platinum filters. Continuous distillation also provides a soft and smooth taste that is approachable enough to be enjoyed neat.

The Gold

Using the same meticulous care and high-quality ingredients as the Original, the Fire & Ice Gold has the unique alpine spirit at its core. The difference? This vodka has been exclusively distilled with gold filters.

Experience a luxurious drink with the Gold Premium bottle, with edible gold flakes. The vodka is bottled under the strictest Swiss standards and offers a soft and smooth taste.

Fancy a different Swiss spirit? Why not try Fire & Ice Gin…

Gin Blue

As a distillery known for utilising the high-quality natural ingredients from its surrounding landscape, the masters at Fire & Ice have combined wild alpine juniper with crystal clear mountain water to create an elegant gin infused with notes of fresh berries.

The blend of premium botanicals results in a sophisticated spirit that is smooth enough to enjoy neat over ice, or as a luxurious base to your favourite gin cocktail.

Gin Rose

This fruity twist on the premium gin from Fire & Ice is packed with the flavours of fresh berries and zingy pink grapefruit. With the unrivalled blend of wild alpine juniper and pure water from deep within the Swiss Alps at its core, the Rose edition is an elegant gin with a powerful mix of juniper berries and citrus flavours.

To capture the full flavour of the juniper berries, the masters at Fire & Ice harvest them ripe and dry them out before maceration. Using the highest quality, organic ingredients guarantees a truly exceptional gin.

If you’re looking for an award-winning spirit, look no further… Fire & Ice became a world favourite in 2019 by winning:

  • Gold and Silver at the Singapore World Spirits Competition
  • Silver at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • Gold and Silver at the Melbourne International Spirits Competition

Here at Whisky Kingdom, we stock an impressive collection of Fire & Ice – including the Original, the Gold, and the Gin range. So why not explore this unique distillery for yourself…

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