Introducing Kawar: The King of Arak

A distillery owned by the same family for three generations, Kawar is most recognised for its arak. Also producing vodka, wine, and brandy, using Galilee grapes and Syrian anise, Kawar is a world leading label.

The Kawar range includes multi-award-winning bottles, and the distillery has its sights set on a prosperous future with long-standing traditions meeting the innovation and creativity of the younger generation in the family.

Here at Whisky Kingdom, we stock a wide range of Kawar bottles so we thought it only right that we explore the heritage of this renowned distillery…

Where it all began

With the first home distillery being set up in 1950 by Iskander Kawar, the head of the family, the production of arak began. It wasn’t until more than 50 years later, in 2004, when Iskander’s son, Beij Kawar, set up a professional distillery in Nazareth. Arak was at the heart of production, but the distillery also introduced vodka, wine, and brandy.

In 2009, the third generation of Kawar began when Alaa and Anan Kawar turned the distillery into an advanced factory. This included the introduction of an innovative production system, a state-of-the-art laboratory, and a strict quality control process. Introducing carefully selected Syrian anise significantly raised the quality of the arak and the distillery enjoyed global recognition.

Just a year later, Kawar’s arak won its first gold medal at the Mediterranean Wine and Spirit Challenge and went on to win its first international gold award at the 2011 International Wine and Spirit Competition held in London.

Kawar, today

Now, Kawar Distillery produces seven types of arak, three types of vodka, Galili brandy and other beverages that are widely acclaimed locally and internationally. Only the best ingredients are chosen, including Galilee grapes and Syrian anise, and it’s recognised as one of the highest quality distilleries in Israel.

Why Galilee? Recognised for growing high quality wine grapes thanks to its unique weather and good soil, Galilee and its sub-regions provide the ideal conditions for growing vines and yielding excellent results.

Why Syrian anise? Choosing the best aniseed in the Middle East was a lengthy process with incredible care being taken. The main ingredient in the taste of the arak, choosing the highest quality product was essential. From the İskenderun region, Syrian anise came out on top thanks to its high qualities, suitability for production methods, and the unique way it is grown and cultivated by the farmers.

We’re expecting more big things from Kawar over the coming years as arak continues to grow in popularity around the world.

The future of Kawar

With a passion for innovation, Kawar has its own research and development laboratory in the Tsiporit Industrial Zone in Galilee, where the flavours and textures are tested and perfected.

Enlisting the help of renowned wine connoisseur, Dr. Papikian, the distillery benefits from his expertise in the production of wine and spirits, ensuring the highest quality products and working towards further international accolades.

With such an inspiring heritage and an excitement for innovation, Kawar is a brand not to be missed. The Whisky Kingdom stocks a wide range of Kawar bottles, all offering something different to try whilst guaranteeing the highest quality ingredients and leading distilling processes. Explore the range.

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