Silent Pool – Perhaps One of the Best Gins Ever!

With a market awash with gin, it’s easy to argue over what the perfect gin on the market is. We believe we have the perfect gin, and what’s more, it’s beautifully priced. We want to talk a little about some of the things that make Silent Pool the most outstanding gin on the market. It is a lesson in love, quality and storytelling, and there is something here which will surprise you.

Let’s start with Silent Pool Distillers’ location.

Silent Pool Distillers: An Extraordinary Location

How often have you found yourself in love with a gin and decided to find out something more about it, such as the distillery’s history and location? It’s not advisable: you’ll find yourself hovering over pictures of some ghastly industrial estate.

Apart from bottling and packaging, gin has learnt very little from whisky.

However, Silent Pool Distillers is one of those distilleries that will give you much pleasure. It’s literally on the bank of an extraordinary pool in the Surrey Hills called Silent Pool, one that you need to visit, and there’s an extraordinary story connected to the pool and each bottle of Silent Pool Gin.

King John and Agatha Christie

Perhaps, you have a little sympathy for King John. Perhaps you feel he was unfairly maligned by Robin Hood. Well, if that’s the case, I think you will agree after hearing this story that King John was, assuredly, a most cruel and terrible man.

At night, Silent Pool is haunted by the ghost of a woodcutter’s daughter. The story goes that she was bathing in the pool when King John, who was passing by, saw her and tried to approach her.

She retreated into the depths of the pool and unfortunately drowned, perhaps overcome by the intense cold of the pool.

The horrified king made his escape but left evidence of royal regalia that incriminated him in her death.

Talking about incriminating evidence, Agatha Christie famously disappeared in the locale in 1926, and they dredged the pool in search of her body.

Despite the pool’s ethereal beauty, it is noted that birds do not swim in the pure water of Silent Pool, perhaps acknowledging the modest and pure damsel who disappeared into its icy depths.

Silent Pool Distillers has very artfully introduced the story of King John and the woodcutter’s daughter on each bottle.

The Mystery Concealed on the Silent Pool Gin Bottle

If you carefully examine a bottle of Silent Pool Gin, you will find it covered in carefully painted golden leaves, flowers and vegetation – representing the vegetation and even ingredients connected to the pool and the distillery. Look closer!

If you study it more carefully, you will find details and images of the above tragic story: there’s a falling damsel, a rider on horseback and royal regalia. Is this mere branding?

Absolutely not! The bottle is echoing something deep and beautiful going on in the preparation, distillation and flavour of this delicious gin.

Silent Pool Distillers has one of the most unusual distillation processes in gin. Understanding it, you’ll understand why Silent Pool Distillers produces a gin way ahead of its competition. In addition, they add something unusual to the ingredients which makes the gin awesome.

Painting Your Mouth with Flavours

Ian McCulloch, one of the founders of Silent Pool Distillers, talks of the process of distillation as a process that leads to the painting of a picture in somebody’s mouth with flavours.

The distillery uses a unique four-stage gin process. The process, using 24 botanicals, involves:

  1. Maceration: the Gin Makers bruise, squash and then soak the heavier flavoured botanicals like juniper and liquorice root in alcohol for 24 hours, giving the gin depth and mouthfeel.
  2. Basket infusion: delicate botanicals like fresh orange and lime peel, and pear are placed in a basket in the neck of the distillation still. As the alcohol vapour passes through, it’s infused with flavours from the basket, lifting the spirit with bright aromatics and rich citrus notes.
  3. Tea infusion: the most delicate botanicals like rose petals and elder flowers are gently soaked in a sort of gin tea infusion, stripping oils and aromatic compounds, lending the gin its ethereal high notes of perfumed lime and floral essence.  
  4. Distillation: all of the above three components are combined in a still pot with water from Silent Pool and, uniquely, topped up with pots of local honey.  The still has a multi-chamber rectifying column which allows the distillery to strip out intensities of flavours, overly green flavours and bitterness, creating a finely balanced spirit.

The resulting spirit is bright and floral with endless depth and complexity. It’s perfect in a G&T and smooth enough to be drunk neat.  

Capturing the World by Word of Mouth

Silent Pool Gins have become one of the UK’s fastest-selling gins and is sold across 32 countries. What is interesting is that the gin first attracted the local Surrey market which then proudly advertised it across the UK.

Silent Pool Distillers is one of those companies that grew by word of mouth.

Ian McCulloch, one of the founders of Silent Pool Distillers, says that the distillery didn’t go to the supermarkets; the supermarkets came to the distillery.

The Final Taste

This is a delicious and full-bodied juniper-driven fresh gin distilled with honey.

On opening the bottle, you are greeted by citrusy notes and a sweet honey smell, and what is great is that this is a gin that tastes just like it smells.

Don’t Miss Out

Whisky Kingdom is a proud stockist of Silent Pool’s delicious gins and its broad range of expressions. Silent Pool Distillers also produces some of the most beautiful bottles and gift packs on the market. You’ll find them here, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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