Trending Gin Brands You Need To Know About

It is fair to say that gin is arguably one of the most popular spirits to drink and it is most definitely on-trend, so to speak. From gin tasting and distillery tours to gin flavoured ice lollies and sweets, it is undeniably one of the most ‘now’ alcoholic beverages available. There has been a huge rise in the number of people who would choose a gin-based drink over any of the other options and thankfully, there are many amazing brands to choose from. 

No longer is gin considered to be ‘mothers’ ruin’ and these days, there really is a bottle of gin to suit absolutely everyone’s palette. So, whether you usually opt for a gin cocktail or you’re a classic gin and tonic drinker, if you’re wanting to explore more of what is out there gin-wise, keep reading today. Below we have listed some of the most currently sought after gin brands that you really should know about. 

Aber Falls gin 

This globally award-winning gin has been expertly crafted using Welsh water and infused with botanical ingredients from across North Wales. Whilst Aber Falls is probably most well-known for their whisky, they have a brilliant range of dry and flavoured gins to drink too.

Berkshire Botanical gin 

Made using botanicals growing on the stunning 9,000-acre Yattendon Estate in West Berkshire, Berkshire Botanical gin is definitely one you should try. All of their different gins are copper pot distilled and then gently infused with botanicals, so you can really taste the flavours. 

Whitley Neill gin 

You will probably recognise this brand and Whitley Neill has a fresh 21st-century outlook on gin. They are one of the most favoured brands on the market for flavoured gins and they have an innovative selection available. This multi-award-winning brand is always one you can rely on.

Elephant gin 

Handcrafted in Germany with rare African botanicals, this is a premium gin brand that you might not have heard of before. All of Elephant gin’s ingredients are hand-selected, their bottles are custom-made and their labels hand-written, you can really tell they care about their gin and the people who are drinking it. 

Harrogate Tipple gin 

This is another small-batch distillery and you will find Harrogate Tipple in the Ripley Castle Estate in Harrogate. Most of their botanicals are grown in the 750-year-old gardens within the Castle walls and they have some unique flavours, such as blueberry and gooseberry, to try.

Suntory Roku gin 

Many know the name Suntory as a pioneer of Japanese Whisky, but again, this is a brand that has branched out to gin too. Roku translates as the number six and inside every bottle of gin, you will find six botanicals that are sourced in Japan. Many of the high-quality ingredients are also uniquely Japanese, so it isn’t your standard gin. 

Fire & Ice gin 

As craft distillers, Fire & Ice ensure authenticity throughout their brand by using more natural homegrown ingredients in their spirits. Their gin is as much about the people behind the product as it is the finished spirit, and it encompasses their heritage of being Highland Crofters. 

OPIHR gin 

This gin is inspired by the adventurous spirit of the merchants travelling thousands of miles to trade exotic spices and botanicals from distant lands. OPIHR gin is crafted with hand-picked botanicals in the oldest distillery in England where gin has been traditionally made since 1761.

Purchasing a new bottle of gin 

Anyone who enjoys a gin every now and then is no longer restricted to only a handful of traditional gin brands and there is no denying that you have plenty of brilliant options to choose from nowadays. If you’re wanting to try something different, you can guarantee that any of the gin brands mentioned above will be a nice change from your current favourite and, you never know you might end up finding something that you like more. 

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