Which Mixers Should You Buy For Each Spirit?

For many people, one of the most satisfying moments of the working week is at the end of a Friday, when the time comes to relax into their sofa and enjoy a tipple or two. However, if you want to get the most out of your beverage, it is important that it is paired correctly – this specifically relates to spirits, and the mixers that you drink them with. Having been operating in the alcohol industry for an extended period, the Whisky Kingdom team are well-placed to offer you some advice on this matter.


If you were to conduct a survey regarding the country’s favourite type of spirit, rest assured that the majority of responses will mention vodka. This alcohol has been around for a number of years, and it is not hard to see why so many people love it. It is a potent spirit that, if left by itself, will certainly leave you reeling. As such, what you may wish to do is combine it with a fruity mixer, such as lemonade or orange juice. This allows you to enjoy it over a longer period of time, and also ensures that you are not adversely affected by the harsh flavour.


As you may have already deduced from our name, here at Whisky Kingdom our speciality revolves around the provision of top-tier whiskies. Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with keeping these isolated, or having them ‘on the rocks’, we believe that there is a way in which to enhance. By introducing coke into the equation, the harshness of the spirit is mellowed. We assure you that rather than diluting the overall experience, you are instead able to enjoy a highly-sophisticated drink.


In truth, there is only one mixer that is socially acceptable to be put with gin, and that is tonic water. However, do not be under the impression that this means that there is a perceived lack of options. Tonic water is available in a variety of flavours, all of which are designed to complement the bite of the alcohol. If you are really looking to push the boat out, you may wish to include fruits, like strawberries and lemon slices, in the drink.


Though some would consider this to be a drink solely acceptable at parties, this does not necessarily mean that it cannot be improved. As you may have already realised, the primary mixers associated with this is red bull, and for good reason. The sweetness which stems from the energy drink is a fantastic way in which to eliminate the tang and tartness which is associated with the Jagermeister. Whilst the time taken to drink is not particularly long, we still think that there are ways in which to tweak the formula slightly.

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