Whisky Cocktails That You May Not Have Tried Before

Throughout history, whisky is a drink which has traditionally been served by itself – in some occasions, it would be accompanied by large blocks of ice, but that was all. However, as the years have gone on, mixologists have created incredible recipes which have been based around the heaviness of the whisky, to great effect. If you are entertaining the idea of sampling some of these, allow Whisky Kingdom to guide you through the cocktails that will leave you wanting more.

The Manhattan

Most seasoned whisky drinkers will agree that when it comes to the quintessential cocktail that utilises this spirit as the main ingredient, the only correct answer is The Manhattan. Easily identifiable thanks to the glacier cherries which are served as a garnish, the floral and light oak taste which you can enjoy from each-and-every sip is something to be savoured. Whilst some advocate that this should be made using only Macallan Gold, feel free to experiment with any single-malt Scotch whisky that you have to hand. Whichever route you choose to go down, we are sure that there will be something to be said for it. 

Monkey Colada

If you are someone that enjoys the classic Pina Colada, but is searching for a twist which makes it slightly more acceptable in colder climates, you need look no further than the Monkey Colada. By substituting out the rum for the light oak notes which are associated with most whiskeys, you are drastically altering the overall harmony of the drink. Instead of an overwhelming sweetness, you are instead treated to a slight tartness. This is certainly a cocktail for individuals that are only beginning to experiment with whisky as their spirit of choice.

Irish Coffee

Though some may dispute giving this drink the title of ‘cocktail’, there is no denying the delicious flavours that can be enjoyed when you receive an order of Irish Coffee. In compositional terms, it is incredibly simple – most places that serve this simply combine a classic black coffee with a rich and smoky whisky. The bitterness from the coffee beans are complimented fantastically by the piercing notes emanating from the whisky. Should you prefer something slightly sweeter, feel free to enhance this beverage with some whipped cream.

Glass Slipper

Although there is another drink which occasionally shares the same name, which draws inspiration from a well-known Disney film, this could not be any more different. For those of you that are wondering, the Glass Slipper combines whisky and absinthe into a cocktail that is certainly not for the fainthearted. We would suggest trying to use a spirit that presents a lemon citrusy type of note, as this will serve to balance out the harshness of the absinthe. It is also worth having an abundance of ice, as this is a drink to be savoured over an extended period.

Want To Get Started?

If any of the cocktails mentioned above have caught your eye, and subsequently you are interested in making them for yourself within the comfort of your own home, the next step is to start stocking up on the relevant ingredients. The first item that should feature on your list is the spirits, and this is where Whisky Kingdom can provide you with some much-needed assistance.

Our understanding of the world of spirits is second to none. Need to know which Macallan flavour is best-suited for a particular occasion? Trying to understand the difference between American and European tipples? The experts in our customer support department are more than happy to help. You can speak to one of these team members by calling us on 020 3829 6166. 

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